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Nirmitee Art Connoisseurs is an ultimate destination and a safe abode for the art lover in you. Every nook and corner here emits the “art” vibe. With carefully handcrafted articles using state of art concepts, Nirmitee desires to be a happy paradise for artists and art – oriented people.

 “One who wishes to measure the power of simplicity, should observe the massiveness and intricacy of Nature.”
Simple is Beautiful and so is Nirmitee’s exclusive “Organic Wall Mural’. The ‘Organic Wall Mural’ consists of various ORGANIC elements like terracotta faces, neatly cut and polished barks of trees and tiny earthen pots. Giving you the right rustic feels with the artistic vibe, this mural promises you a longer life and of course, beauty to complement those blank walls. 
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Cost – 4,000/- Rs