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Nirmitee Art Connoisseurs is an ultimate destination and a safe abode for the art lover in you. Every nook and corner here emits the “art” vibe. With carefully handcrafted articles using state of art concepts, Nirmitee desires to be a happy paradise for artists and art – oriented people.

The ‘Dokra Mural’ is a work of fine art and loud execution at Nirmitee Art Connoisseurs. This mural is the result of a combination of Dokra Art, Warli Art and Floral Hand Painting. Tribal human figurines on tiny frames of brass depict the Dokra Art whereas figures on long panels depict Warli painting. Alongside is a frame of Floral Hand Painting using vibrant colours for complementary gracefulness
The effortless subtleness and amalgamation of art forms coming from Maharashtra and Orissa intersect in this mural to set a desirable ambiance in an enclosed space. 
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Cost – 11,500/- Rs